San Marzano 2 Plum Tomato

80-90 days. Originating in the volcanic fields near Mount Vesuvius, this acclaimed variety comes to us from the foremost Italian seed house. Known as the best cooking Tomato in the world, we cannot sing its praises loudly enough. San Marzano 2 is disease-resistant and grows in bunches of five to six large fruits on indeterminate vines, ripening to a brilliant red with lustrous green shoulders. Producing over a long period of time, the crack-resistant fruit holds well on the vine. San Marzano 2 has a wonderful, delicate taste and a solid, meaty texture and is easy to use in the kitchen. It has an elongated plum shape, only two small seed pockets that are easily scooped out and an easy-to-peel skin. San Marzano 2's high sugar content helps create its big Tomato taste and rich consistency. You had better plant loads since you will want to make vats of herbed Tomato sauce for coveted use throughout the year. It is the only plum Tomato that great Italian chefs use in their prized recipes. It will soon be your exclusive choice too. VF. (OP.)
Photo: Goldlocki/Wikimedia Commons

One packet of about 50 seeds
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