The Essence-of-Summer Sunflower Garden

It doesn't really feel like summer until you see cheerful Sunflowers emerging from the garden. They just make you smile~the more the merrier! (To really be surrounded by Sunflowers, order a bunch of these Collections and give them to all of your neighbors.) Our Essence-of-Summer Sunflower Garden includes one packet of each of our stunning varieties at about 10% off regular prices:
  • Florenza Bi-Color Sunflowers (~45 seeds)
  • Santa Fe Double Sunflowers (~50 seeds)
  • Sonya Bouquet Sunflowers (~45 seeds)
  • Moulin Rouge Sunflowers (~50 seeds)
  • Junior Dwarf Sunflowers (~50 seeds)
  • Colorful Fantasia Sunflower Mix (~100 seeds)
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    • Buy 50 for $19.75 each and save 10%
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