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The Small Space Veggie Garden

Not every gardener has an entire acre to work with when planning a vegetable garden. In fact, most gardeners can only devote a small patch of earth to growing fresh veggies. In those situations, compact varieties of normally space-hogging veggies are a boon. This selection of popular veggies will yield bushels of homegrown food in a fraction of the space more traditional varieties would. At 26% off individual prices, the collection includes one packet each of:

  • Katarina Baby Cabbage (~45 seeds)
  • Milano Zucchini Summer Squash (~25 seeds)
  • Iznik Bush Cucumber (~10 seeds)
  • Bride Asian Eggplant (~30 seeds)
  • Nickel Filet Bush Bean (~160 seeds)
  • Cherry Falls Cherry Tomato (~50 seeds)
  • Honey Nut Mini Butternut Squash (~25 seeds)

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