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Back in the 1940s, in the midst of World War II, Americans across the country planted Victory Gardens to supply themselves and others with fresh food, which was a scarcity at the time. Victory Gardens were hugely successful, and a symbol of our country coming together toward a common goal of keeping ourselves healthy and proactive. We're now in the midst of another global crisis, and judging from what we're hearing from our customers, gardening is yet again what we're all gravitating toward for sustenance and comfort.

As we all hunker down to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and the population in general, flattening the curve as best we can, we have the opportunity to get back to basics: spending quality time with family, cooking leisurely meals, engaging in meaningful conversations, and, of course, gardening. Growing our own food and flowers is incredibly therapeutic, with the added benefit of supplying our families with fresh food without stepping foot in a grocery store.

When choosing which vegetables to grow this season, think of easy-to-grow, quick-maturing varieties that offer great taste and lots of vitamins and minerals. Don't know where to start? We've curated three special discounted veggie-based Wellness Gardens for both spring and summer direct-sowing, and starting ahead indoors. We've also created a collection of the most cheerful direct-sow flowers we offer, for maintaining your good spirits during this difficult time.

Each of these four Wellness Gardens is offered at 30% OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING AND HANDLING. (Shipping charges will apply to any other additions to your order.)

The Direct-Sow Spring Wellness Garden

Homegrown veggies nourish body and soul. This special discounted collection includes one packet of each of these direct-sow varieties at about 30% off regular prices, plus free shipping:

  • Regiment Spinach (~300 seeds)
  • Royal Chantenay Carrot (~1200 seeds)
  • Boro Beet (~220 seeds)
  • Sugar Snap Pea (~200 seeds)
  • Rainbow Kale Mixture (~220 seeds)
  • Cherry Belle Radish (~400 seeds)
  • JS Baby Leaf Salad Mixture (~1000 sds)

    Special Free Shipping and Handling

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