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The Procrastinator Easy, Direct-Sow Veggie Garden

Spring is such a hectic season, in the garden and beyond. We're cleaning up the garden, pruning shrubs, seeding bare spots in our lawn, planting up our containers, getting back into the routine of mowing and, in our spare time, trying to take advantage of the glorious spring weather by spending some serious relaxing time outdoors. By the time June comes around, you may have let your plans to start veggies from seed fall by the wayside. Good news~it's not at all too late to start a veggie garden! All of the varieties included in this collection prefer to be sown in late spring, when the soil is reliably warm and all danger of spring frost has passed. It includes one packet each of the following varieties at 19% off individual prices:

  • Merlot Batavian Lettuce (~500 seeds)
  • Jade Green Bush Beans (~150 seeds)
  • Bugle Butternut Squash (~20 seeds)
  • Tanja Slicing Cucumber (~25 seeds)
  • Milano Black Zucchini (~25 seeds)
  • Regiment Spinach (~300 seeds)
  • New England Pie Pumpkin (~15 seeds)

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