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Direct Sow Summer Salad Garden

New! The salad season doesn't have to end with spring! Even in the sweltering days of July and August, you can fill your garden with luscious greens that can take the heat. Together with your homegrown Tomatoes and Cucumbers, these heat-tolerant greens will make a salad that rivals any springtime concoction. All of these greens can be sown directly into the garden in the summer, with successive sowings through the rest of summer, and then again in fall. This special Collection contains one packet of each of the following Salad varieties at about 21% off regular prices (clockwise from top left):
  • Merlot Batavian Lettuce (~500 seeds)
  • Cardinale Batavian Lettuce (~350 seeds)
  • Fresh Start Beet Greens (~250 seeds)
  • Black Knight Tatsoi (~800 seeds)
  • Kyoto Mizuna (~800 seeds)
  • Purple Pak choi (~400 seeds)
  • Rustic Arugula (~250 seeds)

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