Yellow Stuttgarter Onion Sets

100 days. A classic multi-purpose heirloom, Yellow Stuttgarter is a light amber-skinned, 2" to 3" Onion with a flattened base, a yellow-white interior and the most pungent flavor of our three varieties~perfect for cooking. It stores well and long. (OP.)

One pound of sets
In stock

Our Tubers, Sets & Slips are shipped directly to you at the proper time for planting for your horticultural zone.

Agricultural Restrictions on Tubers, Sets & Slips

• Potato tubers may not be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii.

• Sweet Potatoes may not be shipped to Alaska, California or Hawaii.

• Onion sets, Shallot sets and Garlic bulbs may not be shipped to Georgia, Idaho, Nevada, Washington or Hawaii.

• Horseradish roots may not be shipped to Hawaii.

• Hops may not be shipped to Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii.


• Due to agricultural requirements and restrictions, we can not ship any Tubers, Sets or Slips to Canada (no vegetative material, tubers or bulbs).

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