Royal Chantenay Carrot

60-70 days. A Carrot you can count on! This variety has strong shoulders up to 2" wide. Royal Chantenay is a reliable, stocky variety featuring a tapered root in the characteristic V shape. The greens are strong enough to withstand a good yank, making harvesting a breeze. This is a practical, all-around variety that thrives in heavier soils and will not bolt. It is a bright, deep orange, excellent for canning and freezing. It stores well and makes a dynamite glass of fresh Carrot juice! Harvest at just under 7" in length for the sweetest flavor. Royal Chantenay is one of the best for storing in a cellar or at cool temperatures so that you and your family can enjoy a healthy dose of home grown beta-carotene daily. When roasting chicken or turkey, make a rack out of Yaya or Royal Chantenay Carrots and Celery stalks upon which to place the roast. They will add flavor to pan drippings and help prevent the roast from sticking to the pan or burning. (OP.)

One packet of about 1400 seeds
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