Rouge d'Etampes Pumpkin

120-130 days. Cucurbita maxima. This unique variety is also called Cinderella, having been made famous by that slipper-wearing lady as her transportation of choice. A slightly flattened and dramatically lobed member of the Cucurbita family, Rouge d'Etampes is a treasured heirloom from France. This Pumpkin is an intense auburn-red color. On average, each sprawling vine produces four to six Pumpkins, averaging 15" diameter and weighing 15- to-20 pounds. Rouge d'Etampes is ideal for cooking; the flesh is thick and firm, the seed cavity is small and it has more flavor than most Pumpkins. Enjoy Rouge d'Etampes rich, savory sweetness as it melts into risotto made with Arborio rice, Sage leaves and freshly grated parmesan. (OP.)

One packet of about 15 seeds
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