Roma II Bush Bean

45-55 days. Chacun à son gout - some like their Beans big. Can't get to Tuscany? Grow Roma II and bring Italy to your table. The shape is wide and strappy and the flavor distinctively Romano: rich, beany, intense. We love them: imagine yourself at an outdoor table with family and friends, savoring a heady wine and dipping chewy, crusty bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Now, a platter piled with Roma II, drizzled with olive oil and strewn with shavings of parmigiana and dotted with fresh black pepper. Tall for a Bush Bean, these 2'-tall vigorous plants produce an abundance of flat, wide, romano style Beans, best picked at 5" long. Be careful when cooking, don't overdo it. Roma II freezes well for winter meals of minestrone to warm your heart. (OP.)

One packet of about 150 seeds
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