Red Salad Bowl Lettuce

40-60 days. No kitchen garden is complete without this reliable, effortlessly grown, decorative leaf Lettuce. Red Salad Bowl has radiant red, deeply lobed and frilled tender leaves which form a large, upright rosette. It is the standard in all commercially-marketed, baby green or mesclun mixes for its curly, colorful leaves and outstanding keeping qualities. Either grown to maturity or sown thickly for cut and come again, Red Salad Bowl is a mainstay Lettuce. Slow to bolt, it retains a sweet, mild taste, growing in all seasons and showing an intense bronze-red coloration in cool weather. We like to harvest this Lettuce on the small side and halve lengthwise to reveal the beautiful fading-to-green, frilled heart. Adorn with sliced Strawberries, toasted walnuts and a fruity dressing for a special presentation. (OP.)

One packet of about 700 seeds
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