Purple Podded Pole Bean

65-75 days. Discovered in an Ozark garden in the 1930s, this cherished heirloom produces a heavy yield of beautiful, deep wine-red pods that are 5" to 7" long and about 1/2" thick. They are flavorful, high quality, meaty and string-less. The Beans are borne on sturdy, purple-tinged vines that climb vigorously to 6' tall. Install a twiggy tee-pee and plant Purple Podded Pole Beans around it so that you may guide its vines to create a living fort for your children. The wine-red Beans are easy to discern among the foliage for easy harvest by little hands. Once blanched, the yummy Beans turn bright green. (OP.)

One packet of about 75 seeds

We apologize - Purple Podded Pole Bean is no longer available for 2021 due to a crop failure.
Out of stock
Out of stock
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