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The Passion for Purple Direct Sow Flower Garden

Purple is the perfect marriage of warm and cool, red and blue. It's a unifying color that goes with almost everything else in the garden. These gorgeous purple flowers will prove it! All of the varieties included in this purplicious collection prefer to be direct sown in spring, when all danger of spring frost has passed. It includes one packet each of the following varieties at 21% off individual prices:

  • Browallia (~2000 seeds)
  • Honeywort (~50 seeds)
  • The Watchman Hollyhock (~100 seeds)
  • Grandpa Ott Morning Glory (~100 seeds)
  • Moon Shadow Hyacinth Bean Vine (~15 seeds)
  • Nimbus Sweet Pea (~50 seeds)
  • The Imperial Larkspur Mixture (~300 seeds)

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    Catalog #9475

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