Parisienne Cornichon de Bourbonne Cucumber

50-60 days. Cornichon is French for tiny, crisp pickles made from gherkin Cucumbers. A glass of Sancerre, fresh baguettes, pâté and our tart cornichons will transport your picnic to the French countryside! A French heirloom variety dating back to the late 1800s, Parisienne Cornichon de Bourbonne was used extensively in France as the premier pickling Cornichon. It produces loads of gherkin or Cornichon-sized, dark green, small-spined, seedless, crunchy-sweet Cucumbers. Harvest fully developed, no more than 2" long and the width of a child's finger. Here's how to make your own Cornichons: lightly rinse the little Cucumbers. Rub skins with a kitchen towel. Pack into a sterilized glass jar with one tablespoon kosher salt, 15 to 20 tiny, peeled silverskin Onions, one very hot Pepper, a few peppercorns and fresh Tarragon. Fill jar with white wine vinegar. They'll be ready in a week and keep for months in the fridge. (OP.)

One packet of about 25 seeds
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