Orange Sunset Cauliflower

70-75 days. This magical French hybrid is buttery-yellow when raw and deeper apricot-orange once cooked. A bit creamier in texture than standard varieties, it's also more nutritious, with 25 times more Vitamin A and beta-carotene for a big immune system boost. Pick the heads young for the most intense color. Orange Sunset dislikes hot weather, so sow it and transplant it out in late summer for a late fall harvest. (F1.)

One packet of about 25 seeds
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Cauliflowers are a popular subject for painters, potters and tapestry makers all over the world, and are no less charming in the potager garden. This Brassica is a heavy feeder and likes sweet soil; plant in soil that is rich in organic matter, adding dolomite lime as needed. Best grown as transplants: start seed indoors 8 weeks before transplanting into the garden (2 weeks prior to the last spring frost date or in early summer for fall harvest). Harvest Cauliflower while the buds are tightly closed, using a large sharp blade to cut it off at ground level. One of our favorite comfort foods is steamed Cauliflower lightly baked with a soul-warming, white cheese sauce with a healthy dose of freshly grated nutmeg. Yum. Deer resistant.

Average seed life: 3 years.
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