New Zealand Spinach

50-70 days. Also known as Tetragonia, this heat-loving New Zealand native was discovered by Captain Cook in the 1770s. He developed its culinary uses to help ward off scurvy. Not really a Spinach at all, it tastes like Spinach and can be cooked in much the same way as Spinach. This is key since it can be used as a substitute for Spinach during the high heat of summer when the real Spinach tends to overheat and bolt. A bit finicky to get started but easy to grow once it germinates, its thick, bright green, 4" triangular leaves thrive in hot weather without becoming bitter. Presoak its irregularly shaped seeds in room temperature water overnight before direct-sowing it in the garden after the threat of frost has passed. Once it sprouts, New Zealand Spinach is easy to grow right up until the first fall frost. (OP.)

Average seed life: 1 year.

One packet of about 100 seeds
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