Little Gem Baby Romaine Lettuce

50-70 days. Tightly wrapped, bright green leaves surround a pale yellow heart. Little Gem, also known as Sucrine, is an excellent heirloom baby Romaine imported from England. Enjoy this succulent lettuce at 5" to 7" tall when its sugary flavor and crunchy texture are second to none. Harvest just above ground level using a knife; it may produce more Little Gems! To show off the inner beauty of this diminutive Romaine, slice lengthwise to reveal its sweet blanched heart. Anoint with a favorite vinaigrette. Or, heat one half stick of sweet butter over medium heat, stirring constantly. When nicely browned, but not burned, add the juice of one lemon. Pour over Little Gem and garnish with capers and chopped Chives. (OP.)

One packet of about 700 seeds
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