Fairy Winter Squash

70-80 days. Cucurbita moschata. This Oriental beauty yields 2- to 3-pound oval fruits with smooth, gold-striped dark green rinds. Its deep yellow-orange flesh has a dense, smooth texture and sweet taste that is unbelievably delicious and rich. It is one the earliest winter Squash borne on long, vigorous, rambling vines. It is disease-resistant, particularly to powdery mildew, and stores well into the winter. Extremely versatile, Fairy is exceptional baked, roasted or steamed, and is perfect in either savory or sweet recipes. (F1.)

One packet of about 20 seeds
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There is something extraordinary about the aroma of baking Winter Squash, bubbling with butter and brown sugar. Sun-loving Winter Squash is best direct-sown in well-draining, fertile, 60°F soil, two weeks past the last spring frost date. Plant them with plenty of elbow room since they love to ramble. Squash is simple to grow and transforms easily into nutritious, heart-warming dishes: soups, gratins or sumptuous Thai or Indian curries. Squash requires fertile soil and room to stretch in hot sunshine. Harvest with a sharp blade when skin is hard and the mature coloration appears, leaving some stem. Cure in the sun for ten days or in a dry room for five days. Properly cured Squash, kept cool and dry, keeps all winter long. Bee friendly. Deer resistant.

Average seed life: 3 years.
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