Flashy Troutback Lettuce

50-70 days. From Austria, we present this charming, open-pollinated heirloom that looks delightful grown in harmony with other contrasting leaf and color types. Its German name, Forellenschluss, refers to the red-speckled leaf, which looks a lot like a trout. Flashy Troutback reliably produces smallish, 8" to 12", crisp, speckled Romaines with a uniquely smooth and buttery flavor. We invented this recipe to highlight its distinctive leaves and trouty theme: the Flashy Troutback Niçoise. Arrange speckled leaves on a platter; add cooked medallions of salmon and freshly harvested veggies from your garden: cooled barely-steamed Filet Beans, freshly dug Potatoes, Niçoise olives and a few anchovies. A hearty Dijon vinaigrette and torn fresh Basil leaves complete our twist on this fishy French fare! (OP.)

One packet of about 500 seeds
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