The Deer Resistant Direct Sow Flower Garden

Deer are the number one lament of gardeners across the country. Once they invade your garden, the damage they can do in just one night is astounding. The best thing you can do to avoid heartbreak is to grow plants that deer prefer not to munch on. That said, if a deer is hungry enough, it will eat almost anything, so there really is no "deer-proof" plant. But there are deer resistant plants. Foil the deer with this discounted collection of direct-sow flowering annuals that will add color and life to your beds and borders without attracting hungry herds of voracious varmints. At 23% off individual prices, the collection includes one packet each of:
  • Color Fountain Spider Flower Mix (~200 seeds)
  • Alaska Nasturtium Mixture (~45 seeds)
  • Lemon Gem Signet Marigold (~300 seeds)
  • Flashback Calendula Mixture (~65 seeds)
  • Frosted Queen Bachelor's Buttons Mix (~100 seeds)
  • Honeywort (~50 seeds)
  • Persian Jewels Nigella Mix (~400 seeds)

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