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The Bulb Companions Flower Garden

If you've planned ahead and planted flower bulbs last fall, you'll see Daffodils and Tulips popping up in just a few weeks! Spring-blooming flower bulbs are a wonderful gift for our eyes after a long, cold winter. Give those blooms some charming friends with this collection of plants that compliment them. Most should be sown directly into the garden in early spring. Some will go to work this spring, shining alongside your bulbs, while others will settle in this year and really put on a show next spring. But if you love flower bulbs, you don't mind a bit of advance planning! At 20% off individual prices, this discounted collection includes one packet each of:

  • Johnny Jump Ups (~400 seeds)
  • Jewel Blue Forget-Me-Nots (~200 seeds)
  • Monstrosa English Daisy Mix (~2000 seeds)
  • New Carpet of Snow Alyssum (~750 seeds)
  • Giant Red Mustard (~600 seeds)
  • Meadow Pastels Poppy Mixture (~600 seeds)
  • Bressingham Heuchera Mix (~2000 seeds)

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