Broad Leaf Cress

32 days. Here is a fast-growing, peppery-sweet Cress that performs well in any garden soil and requires less coddling than standard Watercress. Broad Leaf Cress features large leaves up to 3" long and 1" wide, making it ideal for sandwiches! Sow Broad Leaf in the early spring in moderately fertile soil. Broad Leaf hails from Holland and is delicious in a savory spring soup: in a soup pot, saute diced Onions and Garlic in a bit of olive oil till tender. Add chicken or vegetable broth, diced Potatoes, white or red beans and pasta and simmer until the Potatoes are tender. Add a couple large handfuls of coarsely chopped Cress and season to taste. Don't forget to add croutons and some freshly grated pecorino-romano cheese. (OP.)

One packet of about 1,000 seeds
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