American Giant Sunflower

Have you ever driven past a field of monster Sunflowers and been astonished by their massive presence? Well, these are them. Not only are these the tallest Sunflowers we've ever grown but they have the strongest stalks—almost worthy of young sapling status. They'll stay standing tall all summer long and into late fall, when you might just have to saw them down! These competition-winning American Giants are single-stemmed with ginormous, 10" wide, brilliant yellow-petaled, russet-brown-centered flowers reaching toward the sun! In the summer, they make amazing border hedges. In the fall, they are gigantic feeders as the birds feast on their huge seeds. Be sure to save some of the heads for yourself, too--the seeds are great for snacking. Height: Up to 16'!

This item will ship in mid-January, 2021.

One packet of about 50 seeds
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