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Fundraising KGS Fundraiser

Thank you for considering a fund raiser with John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds. We have worked with many local garden clubs, school groups, churches and human service agencies on fund raisers with our Dutch flower bulbs. Finally, in response to many requests, we are offering a seed fund raising program.

Feedback from hundreds of non-profit groups indicates that their fund raisers have been well-received and successful. In large part, their success has been attributed to the fact that the plant material is of the highest quality and product selections are not common varieties. The process is simple, even fun, and takes on a momentum and energy of its own.

Our line of vegetable, herb and flower seeds is ideally suited to kitchen gardens across the United States. We offer over 300 exceptional varieties that have been selected due to their horticultural vitality; superior growing characteristics; exceptional flavor; superior cooking performance and unusual color, texture or shape. Our seeds have been sourced from the best seed growers found in the US, Europe, Israel and Japan. Scheeper's quality standards ensure the highest quality of seed in terms of germination rates, purity, lack of seed-borne pathogens and commitment to not carrying treated nor genetically modified seed.

Selecting the Seed Varieties for Your Fund Raiser
Organizations select the seed varieties for their fund raisers in accord with their purpose in the community, local beautification themes, community gardening initiatives, garden club "picks" or...their volunteers' own personal favorites. A non-profit, public garden may sell heirloom flower seed to support their own historical garden restoration. A day care center may sell "A Child 's Garden of Wonder" collection. An urban garden club may sell "The Terrace Container Garden" collection. A church group may sell "The Essential Tomato Garden" collection and follow it up with a series of fall pasta dinners to raise even more money. A student group might sell pumpkin seeds to support a Halloween festival and dance. A wildlife conservation group might sell our new Ornamental Gourd Large Fruited Mixture as a fund raiser in the spring and then sell hand-crafted, dried, gourd birdhouses around the holidays. Let your imagination go wild!

There are many fun ways to heighten community interest and media attention to your fund raiser. If you are going to sell "The Essential Tomato Garden" collection, convince your local newspaper to hold a pasta sauce recipe contest. If you are going to sell pumpkin seeds, sponsor a pumpkin carving contest before Halloween.

We recommend offering no more than ten varieties in your fund raiser. The key is to keep it manageable, fun and profitable. Attached, we present a list of the top vegetable, herb and flower seeds for your consideration.

If you want to make selections from our full line of vegetable, herb and flower seeds, you may visit www.kitchengardenseeds, spend some time with our catalog or phone us at (860) 567-6086 if you want to find out what varieties are best for your geographical region; a munching deer population; canning and freezing; cut-flower bouquets or heirloom selections. There are so many good themes or ways in which to select seed varieties for your fund raiser. We would be happy to help you pick them out.

Chefs Collaborative Statement of Principles

The Chefs Collaborative is a network of chefs, restaurateurs and other culinary professionals who promote sustainable cuisine by teaching their children, supporting local farmers, educating each other and inspiring their customers to choose clean, healthy foods.

  1. Food is fundamental to life. It nourishes us in body and soul and the sharing of food immeasurably enriches our sense of community.
  2. Good, safe, wholesome food is a basic human right.
  3. Society has the obligation to make good, pure food affordable and accessible to all.
  4. Good food begins with unpolluted air, land and water, environmentally sustainable farming and fishing and humane animal husbandry.
  5. Sound food choices emphasize locally grown, seasonally fresh and whole or minimally processed ingredients.
  6. Cultural and biological diversity is essential for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. Preserving and revitalizing sustainable food and agricultural traditions strengthen that diversity.
  7. The healthy, traditional diets of many cultures offer abundant evidence that fruits, vegetables, beans, breads and grains are the foundation of good diets.
  8. As part of their education, children deserve to be taught basic cooking skills and to learn the impact of their food choices on themselves, on their culture and on their environment.

For further information about the Chefs Collaborative and about community programs near you so that you may support their efforts, please contact them at www.chefscollaborative.org; info@chefscollaborative.org or (617) 236-5200.

Chefs Collaborative
262 Beacon Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
Phone: (617) 236-5200
Website: www.chefscollaborative.org
Email: info@chefscollaborative.org

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