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Easy Pickin'
Hand picking is often the best way to get rid of an infestation of potato beetles--both the fat pink larvae or the striped beetles that follow. If the task disgusts you, get a long extension cord and go out there with a shop vacuum. Use the slot attachment to suction the critters away; it is the one least damaging to the foliage.
Cooking Tip:
The Perfect Hash Brown

Ever notice how hash browns made with leftover boiled potatoes taste better than ones made fresh from raw potato cubes? They’re moist and soft inside, crisp on the outside. You can get that effect by boiling the potatoes first or--simpler yet--use raw cubes but cover the frying pan for the first 5 or 10 minutes of cooking to steam them, then remove the lid and fry until crisp.

There is nothing like eating potatoes from your own garden. Try these great “mini tubers” - small early-generation seed, for planting whole. All are vigorous and disease-resistant: expect increased yields over cut potatoes. Potatoes like deeply dug, moderately fertile soil which has not been manured for at least one year. Plant tubers in hills roughly 2’ apart in all directions, about 8” deep. Regularly hill soil up around leaves until mounds are formed. Harvest when tops begin to wilt and potatoes are small for best flavor. Your mini-tubers will be shipped to you at the proper time for planting in your horticultural zone.

#8000 Yellow Finn Potatoes: 90 days
The golden flesh and buttery flavor of Yellow Finn is not to be missed. This unique pear-shaped potato has a distinctive shape and requires a longer season to perform, producing lots of high quality spuds. Yellow Finn is a mealier textured potato and is therefore excellent for baking, boiling or mashing and keeps well. You don’t even need butter on this one, it tastes rich enough on its own. Yellow Finn elevates mashed potatoes to a new level. One package of about 10 mini-tubers.

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8010 All Blue Potatoes: 90-95 days
Once upon a time, the humble potato was banned by the Church for tempting upright folks into committing sins of the flesh. All Blue won’t corrupt you, but it makes blue mashed potatoes which will surely turn heads at dinner. All Blue is an excellent performing, long season potato with deep inky-blue flesh, excellent flavor and mealy texture. We prefer them to most mashers, though you do have to get used to the color. One package of about 10 mini-tubers.

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8015 Magic Molly Purple Fingerling Potatoes: 110 days
New! This dark-skinned beauty is an Alaskan-bred wonder with purple skin and flesh that retains its striking color even after cooking! These waxy, oblong to blocky tubers grow up to 6” long with a rustic, earthy flavor and low starch. The vigorous upright plants are blight-resistant and high yielding with medium to late maturity. (OP.)

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8020 Red Ruby Potatoes: 65 days
This is an early maturing, brilliantly red-skinned potato with a waxy texture: perfect for salads and fresh eating. Red Ruby keeps well; not always so for an early-maturing type! These gorgeous, all purpose potatoes are yummy for potato salads, steaming or frying. Try this wonderful recipe: melt 2 tablespoons each butter and olive oil in heavy frypan. Add Red Ruby of uniformly small size to fill the bottom of the pan. Add lots of peeled garlic cloves, 20 or more, and 2 tablespoons water. Cover pan with tight-fitting lid. Sauté slowly, shaking pan occasionally, until potatoes are tender, about 25 minutes. Sprinkle with parsley. One package of about 10 mini-tubers.

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8030 Russian Banana Fingerling Potatoes: 90-105 days
From the Baltic region of northeast Europe comes this outstanding, rich-tasting “salad” fingerling potato with yellow skin and golden flesh. Russian Banana is easy and dependable. It has a smooth, waxy texture, an incredible, sweet flavor, and can be enjoyed after steaming or boiling with no adornment whatsoever - not even salt! With butter, it becomes sheer ambrosia. Russian Banana is perfect for our “BLPT” salad: bacon, Cardinale lettuce, sliced Fingerling Russian Banana potatoes and fresh ripe tomatoes, all from your wonderful kitchen garden, of course! One package of about 10 mini-tubers.

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8040 Princess LaRatte Fingerling Potatoes: 90-100 days
A specialty, gourmet potato from France, it has a subtly sweet, nutty flavor reminiscent of hazelnuts and chestnuts. Its smooth, buff-colored skin cloaks golden-yellow flesh. Known for its smooth, custard texture, use this versatile spud to elevate the delicacy of any recipe.

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8050 Bintje Dutch Potatoes: 90-110 days
The beloved Bintje was developed in Holland in the early 1900s and it is quite likely Europe's favorite potato. It is high yielding, widely adaptable, disease resistant and long-keeping. Golden-skinned Bintje has a long, oval shape and pale, smooth yellow flesh that appears to have been basted in butter. One versatile spud, Bintje has a true waxy texture and a distinctive, toasted almond flavor. We love to roast it, boil it and slice or julienne it for "patat frites" (Dutch French fries customarily served with mayonnaise).

Packet of 10 mini tubers Seeds / $12.95

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#8055 Gourmet Mini Tuber Growing Instructions
When your potatoes arrive, store them in a cool, dark place (the refrigerator will do) if you are not ready to plant them. The best planting time is two weeks before last frost; if planted too early, the shoots can be damaged by freezing temperatures (although they will usually regrow). Give them a soil that is deeply dug and moderately fertile, to which neither manure nor lime have been added within the last year. Clay soil should be lightened by adding compost and or peat moss.

The “mini-tubers” you have received will produce excellent yields when planted whole. Plant in rows 30 inches apart at a distance of 12 inches apart in the row, 2 to 4 inches deep. Hill them with soil as they grow, to keep the ones near the surface from “greening”. The easiest way to do this is to plant in a shallow trench, then hoe soil around them from time to time as the plants grow taller.

Potatoes grow best in a soil that remains cool and evenly moist. A mulch of hay or straw is the best way to achieve this, and will also help the plants to resist pests. As soon as the shoots break ground, place the mulch next to the potato row, leaving just enough space to let in some light for growth, then add more mulch if needed as the plants grow. Avoid mulch if voles are a serious problem in your garden, since it provides a hiding and nesting spot.

Start harvesting baby new potatoes as soon as you can snatch a few from the edge of the hill. Continue to dig them until hard frost, and then store any that remain.

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