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Euphorbia marginata. AKA Snow on the Mountain and Spurge. Prized for its top-branching white and green foliage, Euphorbia is a great cut flower as long as its stem ends are flame seared or dipped in boiling water. Euphorbia can be direct-sown into the garden or started indoors. (A word of caution: its milky juice sap is toxic and can cause skin or eye irritation~handle with protective gloves). Annual. Summer leafing. Height: 12. Average seed life: 1 to 2 years.

#7440 Summer Icicle Euphorbia
Terrific in white and green gardens, Summer Icicle is prized for its showy, green and bright white edged leaves. It stages a little magic show as the summer progresses~its high contrast, white edging widens. A vigorous grower, it fills in with bushy, full 12 tall plants. It is super for low border plantings or in between Hostas.

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