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Yellow-Type Summer Squash

#4057 Supersett Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash: 50 days
Cucurbita pepo. This productive plant keeps yielding beautiful, smooth, shiny, lemon-yellow crooked neck squash as long as they are picked routinely. It has the precocious yellow gene so it is stronger genetically and is resistant to cucumber and watermelon mosaic viruses. Its tasty, uniform fruits have thick, break-resistant curved necks yet softer stems for easy picking when they are 6 to 8 long~the best size. (F1.)

Packet of 20 Seeds / $3.55

# of Packets:
#4062 Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squashs: 42-56 days
Cucurbita pepo. Easy to grow, this sun-yellow, bumpy-skinned heirloom produces scads of yummy, straight necked squash. Harvest no larger than 6 long for the most tender and succulent taste and for optimum production through the summer. (OP.)

Packet of 30 Seeds / $3.15

# of Packets:
#9210 Super Summer Squash Sampler
It includes one packet each of
  • Milano Black Zucchini (about 25 seeds)
  • Cavili Zucchini (about 12 seeds)
  • Golden Rod Zucchini (about 25 seeds)
  • Supersett Yellow Crookneck Summer Squash (about 20 seeds)
  • Bennings Green-Tint Pattypan Squash (about 35 seeds)

    Packet of 117 Seeds / $12.95

    # of Packets:

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