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Pak choi

Another quick- and easy-growing Asian Green, Pak choi has a tangy-sweet yet delicate flavor with a big crunch. Its pretty little plants have the distinctive “vase” shape with attractive leaves that can be used in a variety of ways, the most popular of which is barely cooked in stir-fries. To harvest with scissors as baby salad greens when 2” to 3” tall, sow Pak choi thickly. Or, for cooking, harvest by cutting at soil level when less than 6” tall. Heat-tolerant, Pak choi also thrives as a cool weather crop.

Average seed life: 3 years

#2942 Toy Choi Baby Pak choi: 30-40 days
Difficult to say ten times fast, our new baby will grow quickly to its mature 5” height although it can be enjoyed even earlier at just 2˝” tall. Toy Choi has dark green leaves with luminescent white ribs that are both crunchy and sweet. One sweet little mate for Choko. (F1)

Packet of 200 Seeds / $3.95

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#2945 Choko Baby Pak choi: 45-55 days
Choko’s pretty little plants flaunt rich dark green leaves with contrasting lime-green stems. We like to harvest it no larger than 4” tall for the best flavor and bite size. (F1.)

Packet of 400 Seeds / $3.55

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#2947 Purple Pak choi: 40-50 days
A gorgeous, uniquely colored Japanese import, Purple Pak choi has shiny purplish-red leaves with green ribs and stems and the characteristic tangy-sweet taste. This vigorous grower is widely adaptable and naturally disease- and pest-resistant. (F1.)

Packet of 400 Seeds / $3.95

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#2948 Kantong White Pak choi: 45-50 days
Actually, Kantong is anything but new. The heirloom that first graced American shops, it is the large, fast-growing, non-heading heirloom with thick, crisp snow-white stalks topped with glossy dark green leaves. Producing clusters of up to a dozen foot-tall stalks, this hardy, cool weather, yet heat tolerant, classic is crisp and sweet with soft leaves that have a pleasant, only mildly pungent, taste. (OP.)

Packet of 400 Seeds / $3.25

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