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Pole Beans

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Vertically-growing Pole Beans are as perfect for small space gardens as they are in larger potagers accented with decorative supportive architecture. Before sowing seed in the spring, first install the structures through which they will weave their wondrous vines and yield their coveted beans. Help train them as they grow for maximum coverage and harvest. Beans are native to South America: sow when soil has reliably warmed to 60°F or by the last frost date. Harvest straight to the kitchen at their optimal size for eating, usually when small. Pick ‘filet’ types when scandalously thin. Don’t wait until seeds form in their tender pods because by then, the sweetness, not to mention the tender-crispness, is lost.

Average seed life: 2 to 3 years

#1260 Émérite Filet Pole Beans: 50-60 days
Now, pole bean enthusiasts can have their filets and eat them too! Émérite is a true filet bean from France, generously borne in cascading clusters on graceful vines growing to 8′. Pole beans out-produce bush beans due to their protracted harvest and, in this case, what a harvest! Émérite sets heavy yields of uniformly slim, ¼″ filet beans. Special breeding work to slow seed production within the bean allows harvest at any stage from teeny baby filets to mature filet beans at 7″ long. The vines are beautiful - delicate rose-pink blossoms contrast with the large, soft green, deeply-veined leaves. (OP.)

Packet of 60 Seeds / $4.95

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#1262 Carminat Purple Filet Pole Beans:70-75 days
This oh-so-very-French Pole Bean has velvety, 10″ purple pods that are perfectly smooth, slender and completely stringless. The dark green leaf-studded vines, lavender flowers and easily discovered purple beans are as beautiful as the beans are delicious. Once cooked, they morph from purple to dark green. Serve them au natural with a squirt of lemon and a dollop of Crème Fraîche. Magnifique! (OP.)

Packet of 60 Seeds / $3.95

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#1265 Purple Podded Pole Beans: 65-75 days
Discovered in an Ozark garden in the 1930s, this cherished heirloom produces a heavy yield of beautiful, deep wine-red pods that are 5″ to 7″ long and about ½″ thick. They are flavorful, high quality, meaty and string-less. The beans are borne on sturdy, purple-tinged vines that climb vigorously to 6′ tall. Install a twiggy tee-pee and plant Purple Podded Pole Beans around it so that you may guide its vines to create a living fort for your children. The wine-red beans are easy to discern among the foliage for easy harvest by little hands. Once blanched, the yummy beans turn bright green. (OP.)

Packet of 75 Seeds / $3.75

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#1270 Blue Lake Pole Beans: 55-65 days
This American heirloom outproduces most Pole Beans with rich, stringless beans on 8′ vines that continue yielding right through summer’s end. Ideally picked when each delectable bean is between 4″ and 7″ long, Blue Lake stores well and is highly recommended for freezing, canning and pickling. (OP.)

Packet of 150 Seeds / $3.15

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#1285 Orient Wonder Pole Beans: 70 days
AKA the Yard-long Bean, Asparagus Bean or Snake Bean, this wonder can reach 36″ long but we suggest that you harvest them at 18″ for the best flavor and tender texture. A Japanese import, it has bright, rich green string-less pods with a distinct, nutty bean-pea flavor. Because its seeds develop slowly, it has a long harvest season and since its vines can ramble up to 10′ feet long, it should be trellised to avoid a garden traffic jam! (OP.)

Packet of 175 Seeds / $4.75

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#1292 Tamara Pole Bean: 65 days
A specialty from exclusive European gourmet markets, this flattened, oval, Romano-type podded bean can stretch up to a foot long! Intensely flavorful, Tamara’s vibrant light green beans stay tender on plentiful vines that can grow up to 8′ tall. Disease-resistant, it is a market grower’s dream for it is vigorous and prolific even in cool or hot, humid weather. (OP.)

Packet of 50 Seeds / $4.25

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