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Looseleaf Lettuce

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A far cry from its wild, weedy ancestors, lettuce now appears in all shapes, textures, flavors and sizes, bringing healthy crunch to modern kitchens. The varieties we offer are beautiful, reliable and usually not available in stores. To enjoy its ephemeral sweetness and texture, make sure lettuce grows quickly: water it frequently and fertilize weekly with fish emulsion or manure tea. Direct-seed from the spring through the late summer. For baby greens, sow thickly and harvest with scissors or raise transplants, plugging seedlings into empty spaces in your garden as they become available.

Average seed life: 3 years

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#2700 Cardinale Looseleaf Lettuce: 50-60 days
Resembling a beautiful cabbage rose, this new “french crisp” lettuce has thick, crunchy red leaves with wavy, bronze-tinted edges. Heat-tolerant, it rarely bolts and is perfect when sown with Lolla Rossa and scissor-harvested young for a striking, red, curly baby leaf salad. Should you have the strength to wrest this beauty from the soil, try Cardinale in our “BLT and P” salad: crumbled bacon; torn Cardinale lettuce; freshly chopped tomatoes and boiled, chilled and julienned Fingerling Russian Banana potatoes (see page 21). Dress with a simple viniagrette and enjoy the delicious melody of this crispy-crunchy salad equally loved by children! (OP.)

Packet of 350 Seeds / $3.75

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#2705 Midnight Ruffles Looseleaf Lettuce: 45 days
This lustrous, ruffled ebony looseleaf transforms an ordinary lettuce patch into a opulent, sensual garden focal point beckoning curious spectators. Bred in the U.S., Midnight Ruffles is dark garnet-burgundy, almost black, with flounced, serrated edges and thick dark midribs and veins. But not only the eye is sated: it tastes great, has a crisp texture and stays fresh and sweet through hot spells. (OP.)

Packet of 900 Seeds / $3.45

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#2720 Lolla Bionda Lettuce: 45-70 days
A frisky loose-leaf from Italy, Lolla Bionda is exuberantly frilled and wavy from the get-go, ideal for sowing in the ‘cut and come again’ fashion. Lolla Bionda forms a compact mound of deeply curled jade green leaves and makes a pretty sight in the garden. Italian folks eat salad after dinner, passing a bowl of roughly-torn greens with vinegar and oil and lightly-toasted pine nuts to compliment the sweet, crisp leaves. (OP.)

Packet of 700 Seeds / $3.15

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#2725 Lollo Bozo Loose-Leaf Lettuce: 45-70 days
New! No joke, this unique Frank Morton hybrid is as over-the-top ornate as it is flavorful and lofty in chef-worthy summer salad creations. Densely ruffled, curled and frilled blue-green leaves are artfully adorned with red speckles for premier exhibition in solo appearances, or with its colorful girlfriends, Lolla Rossa and Lolla Bionda. Growing uniform-sized leaves, it’s a snap to harvest whole plants, or individual leaves in ‘cut and come again’ daily harvests. (OP.)

Packet of 700 Seeds / $3.55

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#2730 Lolla Rossa Lettuce: 45-70 days
This adorable yet incredibly hardy little looseleaf is comprised of densely ruffled, curled maroon-red leaves. Lolla Rossa’s wild frilliness and dramatic, deep color make it a must for baby greens. Grown to maturity, our open-pollinated strain imported from Italy forms decorative mounds pretty enough for the flower garden - edible art edging your beds! Enjoy crunchy Lolla Rossa in a simple Italian salad made from fresh tomatoes, sliced fresh mozzarella and basil. Nothing but the simplest vinaigrette is required to adorn this ambrosial salad. Viva Lolla Rossa! (OP.)

Packet of 700 Seeds / $3.25

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#2735 Brigitte Red Loose-leaf Lettuce: 50 days
Looking for a leaf of a different color? Brigitte yields silky dark burgundy-red leaves with slightly blistered, serrated leaf edges and a clean upright growing habit. She is a real looker. Even in the young baby-leaf stage, she flaunts prominent bright red veins, and regardless of the heat, she develops a beautiful burgundy complexion. Bolt-resistant Brigitte tastes so very good, crisp and sweet whether she is harvested at the baby or full-grown stage. Annoint these sweet leaves with our addictive Maple Shallot Salad Dressing. So good. (OP.)

Packet of 700 Seeds / $3.25

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#2760 Tango Looseleaf Lettuce: 40-50 days
It’s classified as a looseleaf lettuce, but Tango looks a lot like an endive; its extremely curly, deeply cut, intensely green leaves resemble an old-fashioned crinoline. A row of these diminutive mounds is perfect for potager kitchen gardens, which feature vegetables as the star performers and lettuces as the colorful background patchwork pattern. Tango is easy to grow, has a fine taste and firm texture, and frills when young, making it ideal for baby greens. Tango’s shape and color harmonizes well with little red Rubens and curly Lolla Rossa. (OP.)

Packet of 1000 Seeds / $3.25

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#2765 Black-Seeded Simpson Loose-Leaf Lettuce: 45-70 days
This 150-year old heirloom remains one of the prettiest, sweetest and most reliable of all. The loosely gathered heads have distinctively crimped and curled lime-green leaves perfect for baby leaf or mature harvest. Widely adaptable, it is tolerant of early summer heat. (OP.)

Packet of 1000 Seeds / $3.05

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#2770 Red Salad Bowl Lettuce: 40-60 days
No kitchen garden is complete without this reliable, effortlessly grown, decorative leaf lettuce. Red Salad Bowl has radiant red, deeply lobed and frilled tender leaves which form a large, upright rosette. It is the standard in all commercially-marketed, baby green or mesclun mixes for its curly, colorful leaves and outstanding keeping qualities. Either grown to maturity or sown thickly for ‘cut and come again’, Red Salad Bowl is a mainstay lettuce. Slow to bolt, it retains a sweet, mild taste, growing in all seasons and showing an intense bronze-red coloration in cool weather. We like to harvest this lettuce on the small side and halve lengthwise to reveal the beautiful fading-to-green, frilled heart. Adorn with sliced strawberries, toasted walnuts and a fruity dressing for a special presentation. (OP.)

Packet of 700 Seeds / $3.15

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