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Runner Beans

Phaseolus coccineus. Floriferous Runner Beans love sun, well-draining, fertile soil and the support of a fence, rough pole, twiggy tee-pee, netting or trellis through which to meander and blossom. Plant Runner Beans when the soil has warmed and all danger of spring frost has passed. Harvest the edible bean pods before they reach 7 long to keep flower production at maximum levels~seed formation eventually halts flower production. Summer flowering. Height: 7' to 10'. Average seed life: 2 years.

#8350 Painted Lady Runner Beans
A prized heirloom, Painted Lady has gorgeous pendulous flowers in tiers of salmon-scarlet and white against rich, blue-green foliage. Another two-fer, Painted Lady is a visual treat in the garden and delicious steamed with butter and strewn with toasted almond slivers.

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