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Platycodon grandiflorus. Also know as the Balloon Flower, it has large round flowers that look just like balloons before they bloom. Yet once open, they are graceful, saucer-shaped stars. Platycodon can be direct-sown outdoors or started indoors 4 to 8 weeks for transplant out after the last spring frost date. Well-worth the wait, Platycodon will not flower until the second season but when it does flower, stand back! Its heavily flower-laden stems make perfect cutting flowers. They should be cut when 2 to 3 flowers open on an individual stem. Flame-sear each stem’s cut-end before placing them in water. Perennial. Hardiness zone: 3-8. Summer flowering. Height: 18” to 24”. Average seed life: 2 to 3 years.

#8340 Florist Blue Platycodon Balloon Flower
Our medium blue beauty was developed especially for the florist trade. It is a must-grow, winsome beauty.

Packet of 400 Seeds / $3.35

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