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Also known as the Mexican Potato or the Yam Bean, this Central American native is a tropical plant that requires a long, warm growing season. It is best started indoors prior to transplanting out except in horticultural zones 9-10. Jicama is grown for its juicy, crunchy tuberous root only. Its prolific, seed pod-studded vines will climb if provided with structural support but can ramble on the ground: make room. Harvest tubers before the first frost and store in a cool, dry cellar prior to use for up to four months. Make sure that animals and children do not eat Jicama leaves, ripe pods or seeds: they contain toxic rotenone, a natural insecticide. Discard top growth and seed pods: do not add to compost piles.

Best grown in hardiness zones 7-10, can be tricky in the colder zones!

Average seed life: 2 years

#2390 Mexican Potato Jicama: 110-120 days
Its thin-skinned, ivory-fleshed tuber is juicy and slightly sweet. But what sets it apart, is its big crispy crunch that we think is better than a water chestnut. Jicama is much loved raw in salads, pita bread sandwich fillings, crudite platters and salsas~it doesn’t discolor once cut! It retains its distinctive crunch when cooked in stir-fries, spring rolls and sauces to serve over Asian noodles. You could even cut it and use it like little crackers topped with soft, piquant cheeses and little ribbons of roasted red Bell Peppers. (OP.)

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