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Paprika Peppers

Capsicum annuum. The true paprika spice pepper popularized in rich, complex Hungarian goulash and traditional chili recipes, Paprika Peppers should be grown just like you would grow bell or chile peppers. To produce your own paprika spice, pick the ripe red peppers and dry them thoroughly in the sun or in a dehydrator until the pods are shriveled and brittle. Store them whole until you want to use them~then pulverize them into a granular powder in a spice or coffee grinder. Annual.

Average seed life: 2 years

#6192 Dulce Rojo Paprika Peppers: 80-90 days
Dulce Rojo Paprika’s 5˝” by 1˝” pods are borne on indeterminate plants growing up to 36” tall. Its pods mature from green to vermilion-red when they are ready for harvest and drying so that you may grind them into a pulverized spice for brilliant red dustings over egg, potato and seafood salads. Hungarians say that it is a “feast for the eyes” since it is more mild than other paprika spice. Add dried, powdered Dulce Rojo to stews, soups and sauces during the cooking process when it will impart a delicious complex-sweet flavor. (OP.)

Packet of 30 Seeds / $3.55

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#6193 Alma Spicy Paprika Peppers: 80-90 days
This versatile Hungarian pepper is the real deal for grinding into spicy paprika powder, but it is also wonderful fresh and juicy right out of the garden. Alma is hot~weighing in at 10,000 Scoville heat units, enough to get the nice complex flavors going for Hungarian goulash. Alma’s 2”, creamy-white, globe-shaped thick-walled peppers transform into red orbs with a lovely hot-sweet flavor. (OP.)

Packet of 30 Seeds / $3.55

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